Fall Fashion Fix (thanks, Stitch Fix!)

It’s fall and it’s time for a Stitch Fix post! It’s been a minute since I got a fix from Stitch Fix¬†(it’s a subscription service that sends you clothing and accessories based on your style). I kind of felt I had enough summer clothes all summer (and I kind of felt I didn’t have money all summer) so I kept postponing my next fix. Which is one of my favorite things about this subscription, vs. others: you can get one whenever you like. There’s no commitment. My kind of subscription.

Anyway … I was feeling a little unimpressed with my fall-ish options in my closet (which probably haven’t been updated in over four years, since I’ve been living in the sub tropics for over four years). Long story short, I got a new stylist with this go and she really delivered. This is my favorite fix so far, it’s amazing. Here’s what I got:

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