Merry Blogmas From Japan! My Last Gift Guide of the Season

Merry blogmas! Or, it’s holiday blog gift guide season. This is the last one of the season (from me) … We’re hitting our mail-by date tomorrow here in Okinawa (and incoming gifts from the states probably won’t get here in time if ordered now). But, if you want to send a little taste of Japan to a friend in another part of the world this season, this guide is for you! Continue reading “Merry Blogmas From Japan! My Last Gift Guide of the Season”

Japanese Summer Essentials: What You Need to Survive

Have you been to Asia in the summer? Or for many parts of Asia, anytime? The world’s water crisis could be solved if only the Asian humidity levels could be harnessed … all joking aside, the summers here are BRUTAL. Where I live, in a sub-tropical zone, the winters are cool (ok, I’m from Alaska, so it’s hard for me to not describe them as “winters”) and the summers don’t really climb above the low 90s (low 30s in Celsius), but the humidity … holy hell, the humidity. You know how they tell you when you visit Arizona, oh but it’s a dry heat? Yeah. Not in Asia. The air practically sweats here it’s so saturated. Luckily, Japan is always prepared. For (almost) everything. And they have your Japanese summer essentials covered … follow along and see what you need to not just survive but thrive in the Asian sweatbox this summer. Continue reading “Japanese Summer Essentials: What You Need to Survive”