Holiday Gift Guide 2017 (Yes Virginia, It Really IS That Time Of Year Already)

Uh … yeah. It’s that time of year … the holidays. How did this happen already? I have a couple of birthdays to shop for this time of year in addition to shopping for my tribe of children (as my friend calls them) and nephews and niece. I like seeing gift guides to get ideas for people on my list, and I thought you might like to see one too. So here it is, in time for shipping cutoffs, Sephora VIB sales, Nordstrom and Amazon black friday deals … my 2017 Holiday (Beauty) Gift Guide.

Beauty Gifts for (gulp) Teens
Is it just me?

Oh boy, sometimes the toughest to shop for, depending on the kid and how well you know her (or him). The MAC holiday collection I wrote about last week has lots of great items in it for teens.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (don’t be alarmed … it’s very sheer and very wearable by pretty much everyone).

Another beauty option, especially if the teen you’re shopping for isn’t super experienced with makeup or crazy bougie yet, is to pick up one of the gift with purchases offered by some of the bigger department store brands. For instance, Clinique is doing a gift (that you have to pay for, $39.50) with purchase at Nordstrom called Merry and Bright for. If you spend at least $28 on Clinique shit you also get an actually free gift with purchase you can throw in. Might I suggest the cult classic Almost Lipstick in the shade Black Honey (looks amazing on literally everyone) as your purchase ($17.50)? You can keep that one for yourself and gift another. Merry Christmas to you!

Clinique’s Merry and Bright holiday set

If your teen is older or leans a bit bougie, you can let them indulge in name brand flashy makeup with this set from Dior ($29). Dior is iconic for their mascara, and this set comes with a mini eye shadow set as well.

Click on the picture to link to the product.
Stocking Stuffers and Ye Olde White Elephant Gift

If you need a smaller gift, there are lots of great beauty items that would be perfect for almost anybody.

Burts Bees makes, arguably, one of the best lip balms every. My husband gets a new one in his stocking every year (surprise, honey! A new lip balm! Yayyyyyyy!). There’s a four balm set of flavored and tinted balms out for the holidays for just under $9 right now that would be a great gift.


(If you are shopping for somebody not into colored balms, here is the original):

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm, Beeswax, 2 Tubes in Blister Box


If your recipient likes a little sparkle or has a busy ball season or night life each year, Stila makes a super rad sparkly topper and it comes in a cute set of three bitty colors for $25. I personally like sparkly or on-trend stuff even better in minis as there’s no way I would ever finish a full size.

No primer or glitter glue required; these do it all (and won’t make you look like the love child of a stripper and a disco ball).
Gifts for Her

Need a gift for your sister, wife, or sister wife? If you don’t have anything solid in place yet, check out these fun ideas.

Kiehl’s has a super cute new Mickey Mouse collab out this season. The collection is huge with something for just about everyone, but if you need something for somebody with super dry skin (or lives in a cold climate), this set is super cute ($35):

One of Kiehl’s super cute Mickey collab

Do you have somebody on your list that appreciates good makeup and/or has a shit ton of it (a highly technical and scientific amount, by the way)? Beauty advent calendars are a super fun option. This one is from skin/body care company L’Occitane ($69), but there are others out there as well if this isn’t quite right.


This advent calendar from L’Occitane means a fun sized beauty item to open everyday in December until Christmas!

If your gift recipient likes nail stuff (or just doesn’t like dealing with chips), a gel manicure kit might be a good option. These have been on my radar for a while; I may be asking Santa for one this year myself.

Gifts for Him

If your giftee is a “typical” sort where beauty items may not be on his radar, this (outside of Burt’s Bees, yo … it’s a good stocking gift, I swear!) might not be a super exciting gift for him. But … it may be as well.

My husband is not into pretty much anything in my skincare lineup, but he does really like one product that he can use for hair, body, face … he’s lazy, and he showers more days than not at the gym in the morning. This is one thing he (says) he likes (he also likes ghetto cheap mens shampoo that he uses as both, but that’s not the best gift).


A nice shave cream and a brush are a nice option if you have a dude that shaves in your life. This one from Kiehl’s runs $9-24 depending on the size, and is a really nice option. The Body Shop also makes a nice, giftable mens shaving cream.

This last one is bougie as shit … a beard oil from Tom Ford. If you have a beardy-weirdy on your list (or goatee aficionado) that likes the finer things in life, this $52 beard oil (it comes in all of the TF mens scents) would likely be highly appreciated.

Daaaaaaaaaaamn but it’s Tom Ford, son!

What have you been eyeing this season, for yourself or a friend or loved one? Comment below and let me know!