Bronzer Battle: Which Bronzer is Best for the Fairest of the Fair?

My first time using bronzer (my gateway experience?) was getting my makeup done at a Chanel counter inside of Nordstrom. Or, shall I say, my first time being denied bronzer. It was springtime and corals and minty greens were all over the store, and makeup trends were equally fresh and bronzy (did I just describe almost every spring in any store?). I’m pretty sure my sisters were there, who do not share my glow-in-the-dark complexion, and they were getting bronzed and beautified. I was so excited when it was my turn, just to hear the consultant tell me she was skipping bronzer because it would look muddy on me.

Such heartbreak. I don’t even tan, and now I can’t use fake tan, either? Oh cruel, cruel world, why do you play me like this? In retrospect, I’m glad she saved me from becoming a muddy mess from the bronzer, because Chanel or not, many (most) bronzer shades will indeed make you look like, as my grandma always said, like you were sucking on the wrong end of a pig. Continue reading “Bronzer Battle: Which Bronzer is Best for the Fairest of the Fair?”

Stitch Fix Part 3: My Summer Fix

I just got my third Stitch Fix in the mail today, just in time for summer! I actually postponed the fix a month from the original interval I set; I figured I had enough spring/transition items and wanted a true summer fix. Like I mentioned before, I really hate shopping (and shopping for giantesses is pretty slim pickings in Japan) so this Stitch Fix box was a really terrific surprise (especially hot on the heels of my birthday — happy birthday to me!). So … how was my hot summer fix? Did I keep all the things? Keep reading to find out! Continue reading “Stitch Fix Part 3: My Summer Fix”

Hall of Shame: Missha All Around Safe Block Sebum Zero Sun SPF 50+

Let me preface this: this is a product that gets a lot of love amongst K-beauty lovers. So, your mileage may vary. That being said, this is a hall of shame post and this Missha sunscreen has made my list. Why so harsh? Read on … Continue reading “Hall of Shame: Missha All Around Safe Block Sebum Zero Sun SPF 50+”

Mini Review: K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lip Oil

I was perusing the beauty section of a local Aeon department store recently with some out-of-town family visiting when I saw a pop-up display for a product I hadn’t seen before: a K-palette lip tint, called 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Lip Tint, which is from a brand that happens to make the best eyeliner pen ever. (Side note, if you like winged liner even a little, and want all-day wear with no smudging, that’s something you need to buy like yesterday).

K-palette lip tint comes in a handful of colors and has the same long-lasting promises on the package that the ridiculously good eyeliner pen does, so my mom and I both picked one up (I believe the price point was similar to the eyeliner, a little over 1000 yen).

Did we try it on in the car? Of course we did. Who doesn’t? Continue reading “Mini Review: K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lip Oil”

Cosme Shopping: What to buy when you’re in Japan

We’re spoiled now in the age of e-commerce and especially Amazon … most of the world is at our fingertips, ready to buy with just a credit card number and a click. Still, that convenience can come at a price (or not at all). Often imported items, thanks to duty and availability, come at a big price increase. Other times, lesser-known items aren’t available outside their home country at all. So a savvy beauty shopper (ahem, you) will take advantage of their travels, stocking up on the best their destination has to offer. And here, my humble opinion of some of the best cosme shopping that Japan has to offer.

Continue reading “Cosme Shopping: What to buy when you’re in Japan”