New Body Spray: Summer in a Bottle

I’m not a big perfume person (luckily I suppose, as Japan is a bit scent averse on the whole). There are a few scents though, that I am a sucker for: much of the Philosophy line of perfumes (so light! So fresh! So clean!), the scent of the beach (well, let’s clarify and say the Okinawa beach in summer, not the fishy-briny Alaska beach), and peaches. Imagine my happiness when I saw Philosophy launched their limited edition summer fragrance this year and it was a beach version of their regular Pure Grace perfume.  And even better, for me anyway, is that they had a body spray version as well (they’re usually even lighter in scent than regular perfumes).

I’ve also really been on a tropical scent kick, perhaps at least partly because we’re still waiting for summer to reach Okinawa. Seriously, we should be sweating our balls off by now but instead, we’re trying not to drown on the walk to the car. After using a sample of Brazilian Bum Bum body cream a while back (yes, that really is the ridiculous name of that product) and loving the scent, I looked at the product on Sephora to buy. Aaaaand it was $45 for a tub … that was a hard pass. That was a while ago, but this year, they launched the same fragrance in a body spray. OMG, get in my cart!

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Bronzer Battle: Which Bronzer is Best for the Fairest of the Fair?

My first time using bronzer (my gateway experience?) was getting my makeup done at a Chanel counter inside of Nordstrom. Or, shall I say, my first time being denied bronzer. It was springtime and corals and minty greens were all over the store, and makeup trends were equally fresh and bronzy (did I just describe almost every spring in any store?). I’m pretty sure my sisters were there, who do not share my glow-in-the-dark complexion, and they were getting bronzed and beautified. I was so excited when it was my turn, just to hear the consultant tell me she was skipping bronzer because it would look muddy on me.

Such heartbreak. I don’t even tan, and now I can’t use fake tan, either? Oh cruel, cruel world, why do you play me like this? In retrospect, I’m glad she saved me from becoming a muddy mess from the bronzer, because Chanel or not, many (most) bronzer shades will indeed make you look like, as my grandma always said, like you were sucking on the wrong end of a pig. Continue reading “Bronzer Battle: Which Bronzer is Best for the Fairest of the Fair?”

Cream Blush: Why It Should Be Your New BFF

My favorite beauty You Tuber, Lisa Eldridge, posted a new video last week with a makeup tutorial on a luminous, glow-from-within blush technique requested by her audience. (The video also had genius guidance on how to conceal a pimple that’s sprouted up in the middle of your cheek when wearing blush that’s super helpful.) This video inspired me to dig into my gel and cream blush stash, as well as my liquid highlighters. It’s an especially good time to be looking at cream blush with summer well on its way (and that Sephora sale looming). Continue reading “Cream Blush: Why It Should Be Your New BFF”

elf FREE shipping on ANY size order!

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Super inexpensive elf Cosmetics has FREE shipping right now on ANY size order!

FREE shipping on all orders! Use code FREESHIP, combinable with code AQUA. Valid 4/17-4/18.

My favorite things from elf are their makeup brushes; they are a much better quality than the price suggests. And during elf free shipping, you can get just one or two and not have to worry about paying as much in freight as you do in brushes.

elf free shipping
My favorite (and well used) e.l.f. kabuki brush

Their eye primer is good too, pretty similar to the Urban Decay ones.

**NOTE: If you are shipping to an APO/FPO address, elf ships via slooooow boat. You won’t get your shit for 6-8 weeks. If you’re in a rush, you might need to mail to family and have them forward the package to you.**

What’s your favorite thing from elf Cosmetics?

Sephora Spring VIB Sale: Shopping List

Sephora has a store-wide sale exactly two times a year; once a bit after Black Friday, and once … SOON! (They haven’t released the dates yet, but rumor is Rouge sale starts the 18th and other tiers will follow). They roll out the sale in a hierarchy fashion, offering the sale prices first to their high rollers in their loyalty program, and then to their mid-tier, and finally to everyone. Given the higher prices of everything they sell, these two sale periods are excellent times to pick up staples you know you will be repurchasing, and can be a good opportunity to try out a higher-priced item you otherwise may not have budgeted for. If you’re a junkie like me, you likely have been writing and re-working your wish list for the sale almost since the end of the last sale. So here it is, my personal spring VIB sale shopping list (which is still … a work in progress. I CAN’T DECIDE!). Continue reading “Sephora Spring VIB Sale: Shopping List”