My Spring 2018 Style, Thanks to Stitch Fix #5

Spring 2018

It’s been a minute since my last fix … my last Stitch Fix, that is. I don’t do too many subscription boxes (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing book has made an indelible hold in my brain, which is not visible in the slightest when you visit my home). I have settled into a twice-yearly Stitch Fix (there are, barely, two seasons in Okinawa), and I recently caved and signed my barely two-year-old lab up for Bark Box not too long ago (duuuuuuude I know it’s so bougie, but seriously, he eats EVERYTHINGGGGGG). Stitch Fix though, I enjoy because I don’t like to commit to things, I don’t like to shop (and can’t really shop locally because I’m too big for Japanese clothing) and with the service, I pay a bit more than my usual MO of shopping clearance off clearance sales, but I don’t have to shop OR commit. So after hemming and hawing over if I should schedule my spring Fix or not, I decided to go for it. If you want to see what my Spring 2018 Stitch Fix box contained, keep reading …

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection SPF 50+ with WetForce technology: Swim, play and enjoy the outdoors knowing your sunscreen loves water as much as you do. Ships FREE, with FREE returns and 3 FREE samples with every Nordstrom beauty order.

Just a quick note first: there may be affiliate links in this post. Also, for reference (if you have a Fix coming for instance with one or more of these items), I’m about 5’8″/173 cm, almost 150 pounds, and typically take a size 6 or M. All of these items are those sizes.

So first, what may not be new to SF but was new to me (remember I am poor and unfashionable and order roughly two boxes a year) is the new “extras” service. You can choose from a curated selection of undergarments to add to your fix (they aren’t subject to the discount you receive if you keep everything unfortunately) as you need. I didn’t select any of these … I wasn’t in the need category for anything (though defining “need” for undergarments is a widely defined term, isn’t it?) and the prices were definitely full-rack retail price. Being of average size, this wasn’t enticing for me. IF you are #blessed in the boob department though (and full-rack rate is Tuesday for you to get a quality bra) … this seems like a very convenient service. The bras were all quality brand names like Wacoal, which are very inclusive to a tremendous range of bra sizes … and in useful (nude tshirt bras) and trend forward (bralettes with cute back bits) styles like these:


Anyway, I have had the best fixes updating my pinterest album as much as I can to what is interesting to me (and of course filling out the request statement so did the same this time. I asked for a tailored short, spring forward colorways, and no “shapeless” dresses. I’m not a teen and I do better with more structure to my dresses these days (and I prefer to not have to add a belt because, well, I would have to shop for belts and also they are uncomfortable).

Here’s what my stylist sent for my Spring 2018 box:

This summer, reach for Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50+. Now at NORDSTROM.
First from the Spring 2018 Box: French Grey Evalynn Brushed Knit Dress, $48
Spring 2018
Suuuuuper soft, super cute dress from French Grey
Spring 2018
And the back

The pattern and colors in this dress are so pretty, and the brushed knit is super soft. The neckline is easy to schlep kids around with but, being sleeveless, is ready for spring time layering. The length is very wearable too. The waist though was a deal breaker for me. It’s elastic and sits up high (many dresses are like this on me as I have a giant torso), and wasn’t too tight, but was noticeable, if that makes sense. I returned this.

Skies are Blue Swanley Knit Tank, $38
Spring 2018
So nautical!

Spring 2018
How cute is the back neckline and shoulder cut of this?

I always sneak a peek at my Fix when I get the ship notice inside the app. When I saw this shirt, I was suuuuuuuper excited. Like, this looked like the perfect shirt for me: stripes, check. Blue: check. Cool shoulder cut: check. The knit was just the right amount of stretchy, too. It ultimately had too much fabric for my taste in the front; I like a looser fit but this went into the too loose category unfortunately. I (very sadly) returned this, too.

Skies are Blue Zina Split Neck Top, $44
Spring 2018
Who else is glad the front tuck is back?

Spring 2018
Stitch Fix is always good at sending butt-covering tops

This was the other item I was suuuuuuper pumped about after sneaking a peek at my Spring 2018 box. My stylist, in her notes, said she picked it because it could go boho or dressed up a bit, and I agree. This, unlike the other tops, is not a knit. It’s a bit gauzy and airy weave. It didn’t disappoint either, I love this shirt and it was a definitely keeper for me. (This olive skort is an old Athleta one; it’s a quick dry fabric from their travel section).

Papermoon Shiba Swing Knit Top, $44
Spring 2018
So stretchy

Spring 2018
Yep, more butt covering

This was the item I was most worried about. This isn’t my favorite print to be honest. When it arrived, I found out it is a very slinky, stretchy sort of fabric. The cut and fabric is a forgiving one for the midsection, but the neckline wasn’t particularly good or bad … it just was, on me. This top, between the fabric and cut, reminded me of one of my dragon boat jerseys, which just wasn’t what I was looking for so I sent this one back, too.

And the Last of  my Spring 2018 Stitch Fix: Dear John Finnegan Roll Cuff Short, $58
Spring 2018
Obligatory booty pic. You’re welcome

I requested a dressier pair of shorts for this Fix and my stylist didn’t disappoint. This was another pair of Dear John shorts (I own a more casual pair and have received a different pair in a prior box as well), but in a dark denim trouser style this time. Perfect! They have a comfortable level of stretch to them too.

Unfortunately, Dear John shorts (the three I’ve tried, anyway) tend to run quite large. The pair I have now are super comfortable, but they get way too baggy pretty quick (I don’t believe I’ve gotten smaller, that’s just how they are) because the next smaller size would probably have been more appropriate. These were just too big out of the box, and even with the stretch I knew they would only get baggier.

Stitch Fix will do exchanges for free too, and you do it right from the checkout page on the app or computer. Unfortunately for me (wah-wah) they were currently out of the size I was looking for, so I had to return these. Stitch Fix is nothing if not uber-customer service oriented; I got a personal email a day and a half after checking out saying they were very sorry that they, looking into it further, did not have the right size now, but they would make a note in my file in case that short was restocked in the future. I had left a note during the checkout comments stating I wished I could exchange instead of return … it’s nice when a company actually reads what you take the time to write (yes, it’s their job but it’s not always a given in my experience).

So, this Spring 2018 Fix was not the smashing success my last one was, where I kept everything, but I love the item that I kept AND I didn’t have to go shopping for anything. For me, that alone is totally worth it. The company sent a second email actually, saying they were very sorry that I was dissatisfied and they would work harder in the future. I think that is definitely their word, not mine. I didn’t have to shop for a thing, or try on stuff in a store while my kids tried to burn down the dressing room or tried to get run over in the parking lot!

If you’re interested in trying the service and get your own Spring 2018 Fix (which will hopefully work better for you than me!), you could use my link to sign up here (which would put a credit in my account). Or just go to the site yourself, it’s up to you! I would definitely recommend it though.

2 thoughts on “My Spring 2018 Style, Thanks to Stitch Fix #5”

  1. I am so hesitant to try Stitxh Fix because I would never pay those prices in the store. It is my one deterrent to giving it a go. Call me cheap, but it is what it is. I guess the added cost for me could be chalked up to having to wrangle my kids to the one store I shop at here in Okinawa, Gap.

    1. YES! I hesitated for a long time, for the exact same reasons! The convenience (and not fitting into anything in Japan) overrode me finally though.

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