Mini Review: Loreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil Cleansing Cream

loreal elseve

Now that I’ve finished at least 80% of this giant bottle, I feel confident letting you know my thoughts and experience using this product. First: what it is. Loreal Elseve Cleansing Cream is meant to be a co-wash product, aka a conditioner you use in between full wash-and-condition sessions. I say that deliberately; I personally think everyone’s scalp can do with a good cleansing now and again (vs. never, ever cleansing like you have probably seen all over social media and the inter webs), though I don’t personally wash my hair daily. Second: despite being a product from a French company marketed in Japan, this product is made in China; this may or may not bother you. Third: I purchased mine at Don Quixote and I don’t remember the price, somewhere around $12 USD perhaps for a 440 ml bottle … it’s a giant bottle, with a pump top.

So starting there, it’s good that the bottle is large because I found myself using a good bit of product with each use. To be fair, I have long, super thick hair that naturally is coarse and dryish, and is straight permed (aka chemically damaged). I never use a small amount of product. Just know that you will need more of the Loreal Elseve cleansing cream than you would use with other products.

That being said, I disagree with the product’s slightly underwhelming (but not bad) 4.9/6 star rating on cosme (a Japanese cosmetic rating/review site) … I really enjoyed this product, and will purchase again. Here’s why:

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For days I am not washing my hair, I will still rinse in the shower if my scalp is sweaty, and then use conditioner. This product performs better than a standard conditioner in terms of making my hair feel a little cleaner (without a full, stripping shampoo) while still really leaving a moisturized feeling on my hair. Because of my hair type and the perm, I still try and use a conditioner after if I have time (not as often as I wish, ha!), but using solely this product, my hair feels very soft and moisturized out of the shower. That’s a big deal with my “problem” hair.

loreal elseve

For those of you with very fine, thinner hair … first, I’m jealous, and second, I would try and get a sample before buying the mondo jug because, I don’t know how this would perform for you. Would it be too heavy? I don’t know, maybe. And the bottle I bought of the Loreal Elseve is ginormous, so while not super expensive, that’s a lot of product down the drain if it doesn’t work out for you.

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So, final thoughts: especially coming into the humid and sweaty spring/summer season in Asia, I highly recommend having a bottle of Loreal Elseve Cleansing Cream  in your shower. I would not use this as your sole shampoo/cleanser (nor any other cowash) but it would be especially excellent in a gym kit where you have limited time to get your hair grease/sweat free and conditioned in a short amount of time.

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