MAC Holiday Collection: Best Bets

holiday collection

MAC cosmetics does … well, a lot of limited editions now. Like, every other day some new collab seems to roll out. Their holiday sets have been around for a while, though, and are usually pretty great. This year, the holiday collection has one huuuuuuuuge star: the bags. I know, it should be the cosmetics but OMG the bags. They’re amazing-fantastic-ridiculous.

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holiday collection
OMG see what I mean? LOOOOOOOK at it! Plus it comes with three pretty rose gold pigments, all for $29.50.

If you’re fancy, you probably have holiday parties to go to. And if you aren’t fancy (ahem, me), you might not have a flash bag to match … I wouldn’t be against using one of these. I’m just saying.

This set from the holiday collection from MAC would be a good gift … the bag is (I’m going to say it again), amazing, and MAC glosses are super popular (comfortable to wear, pretty, and not too bold for someone not super into makeup).


holiday collection
They’re mini too … ermagerd they’re so cute. I wonder how long it would take for my kids to steal the little ball …

Also, need I say that ’tis the season for highlight … and this set is super pretty! Fun bag, super rad limited edition packaging, AND a brush. So fancy.




holiday collection
This packaging sort of seems like a rip off from a famous, suuuuper limited edition put out by Maquillage/Shiseido every holiday season … but it’s a totally different product inside.

Want to see the OG from Shiseido in Japan? Here is this year’s (it released at the end of September though, so it’s probably been sold out nationwide for, oh, the entire time since then).

This summer, reach for Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50+. Now at NORDSTROM.

I’m not always a huge MAC fan, but their holiday collections are always so pretty … and they always make me jealous of my December-birthday sister who has been gifted with a handful of these items over the years.

One last thing I saw … if you’re not into the limited edition packaging, or just want a highlighter set for a bargain, MAC has their glow kits on sale right now for $45 ($81 value). You get strobe cream, which is a super natural looking highlighter (and is supposed to have skincare type ingredients), a powder highlighter for a little more of a glow, and a brush (MAC brushes are typically very good quality and long lasting). If you really want to get your glow on (perhaps your fancy party you didn’t invite me to?), you can layer the powder over the strobe cream for a super pretty but not glittery look.


holiday collection
No swish bag, but a pretty solid set (especially on sale!)

Are you a MAC fan? If so, are you planning on picking up (or have you already) any of their holiday goodies? MAC used to be the only gig in town with a holiday collection and now every brand seems to be launching them left and right.

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