Fall Fashion Fix (thanks, Stitch Fix!)


It’s fall and it’s time for a Stitch Fix post! It’s been a minute since I got a fix from Stitch Fix (it’s a subscription service that sends you clothing and accessories based on your style). I kind of felt I had enough summer clothes all summer (and I kind of felt I didn’t have money all summer) so I kept postponing my next fix. Which is one of my favorite things about this subscription, vs. others: you can get one whenever you like. There’s no commitment. My kind of subscription.

Anyway … I was feeling a little unimpressed with my fall-ish options in my closet (which probably haven’t been updated in over four years, since I’ve been living in the sub tropics for over four years). Long story short, I got a new stylist with this go and she really delivered. This is my favorite fix so far, it’s amazing. Here’s what I got:

Fall Fix Item 1: Pixley Mavis Dress, $68

This dress is better in real life even. It’s a perfect fall mustard shade (that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s mine!). It’s fully lined, has adjustable straps, and it has a waist! A lot of dresses this style (including one I kept from a past fix) require a belt of some sort from you to give it a (non-maternity) shape. The length is a super wearable style, and I love the neckline. The straps are close enough to my neck to accentuate shoulders, and it’s cut high enough to not worry about hosting impromptu   show and tells during your day. I didn’t notice until looking at the picture that the pattern is perfectly set over my boobs and is sort of headlighty … which is kind of funny, right? Anyway, headlights aside I’m keeping this one.

This dress is fully lined and a super wearable length. It’s also kind to the “chicken cutlet” area near the armpit.


Fall Fix #2: Kaileigh Clarisse Crochet Pocket Knit Top, $32

Hello, Clarisse … name aside, I was most nervous about this item when I snuck a peek at the fix on the app when it was enroute. It’s a light chambray blue stripe, which I like, and it has a crochet pocket, which I normally do not. I really like the top in person though, and I like it on. It’s going to be a great layering piece for a lot of outfits (I think). It’s made of a more substantial fabric than I anticipated, a light knit (not jersey). Though again, after seeing the pictures I realized a. it was not as substantial as it appeared to me in the mirror and b. a black sports bra was not the best choice for trying this top on over. Oops. Enjoy the special pictures. This one’s a keeper.

This top is so much cuter than I thought it would be. Also, I should not have worn a black sports bra to try it on with. Apparently.
And the back. And the sports bra.
Fall Fix #3: Liverpool Elizabeth Super Skinny Jean, $78

(If you look close, you will also see item #5, the Kevia Danila Opal Lariat Necklace). OK … I really need a new pair of pants that fit, especially skinnies … the pair I had that fit got splashed by bleach by one of the jokers that lives in my house. Boo. I pulled these out (dark wash — perfect for fall, no?) aaaaaaaand I thought they had sent me maternity pants. Why? Because they have a big old wide stretchy waistband. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from subscribing to this service though, it’s to not judge an item until I’ve tried it on.

Holy. Shitballs. These are the most comfortable pants I own (outside of a certain pair of sweatpants that are hideous and I love them and you can’t make me throw them away, mom … oops, I digress). The waistband doesn’t show, even doing a front tuck on the shirt, and it leaves a smooth line under your shirt. No muffin top created from your pants, these are a miracle, like wide waisted yoga pants. They’re kind on the booty too, and it doesn’t sag as you wear them. Hurray, these are a keeper.

This summer, reach for Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50+. Now at NORDSTROM.
The jeans (jeggings? skinnies? I dunno)! Also DBA the most comfortable pants I own (excluding gray (used to be black) UA sweat pants which cannot be worn in public in good conscience).
Booty Exhibit A
Booty Exhibit B (B is for Booty)
Fall Fix #4: RD Style Kylie Textured Cardigan, $68

I was jonesing for a big old grandpa cardigan, and my stylist totally delivered. The color is really beautiful. The knit is substantial enough to add texture to an outfit, without being something that’s too hot to wear here in Okinawa. It’s really soft too (it’s a cotton blend). The sleeves are super long too … it’s like a snuggy you can wear in public. Totally a keeper.

Best sweater ever (like you stole it from grandpa, except it smells better).
Fall Fix #5: Kevia Danila Opal Lariat Necklace

I had put a bunch of necklaces in this style in my pinterest Stitch Fix board and low and behold, I got one. You can see it in action in some of the pics above. It’s a gold toned necklace, which I like, though I do wish the gold was a more muted color of gold. No matter, keeping this bitch too.

So yeah, I was a glutton this fix and am keeping the whole shebang. They get you on the end there, giving you 25% off the top if you keep the whole thing. I really, really, really love this fix though. I feel like the stylist really picked up what I like to wear, and the colors I was in the mood for … like she’s a psychic or something.

What do you think? Am I smoking crack and you think I should have sent everything back?

If you’re interested in trying out Stitch Fix, if you’d like you can use my referral code but you can totally sign up on your own too, it costs the same for you no matter what.

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