NARS Concealer Showdown: Soft Matte Complete vs. Radiant Creamy

nars concealer

If you have watched even one YouTube makeup guru’s video, you have likely seen NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in action. This concealer is insanely popular, particularly amongst the highlight-and-contour set. Why? For many, it offers full coverage for even the darkest under eye circles, and doesn’t crease when you set it with powder. It also comes in 16 shades, meaning pretty much everyone can find a match. This year though, this NARS concealer met some competition from the same company in the form of NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer. Want to see how they compare? Keep reading! 

NARS Concealer Showdown: Similarities

Both NARS concealers come in 16 shades, and both will set you back $30. Also, both are available through AAFES, if you are shopping in Okinawa (for a bit of a discount).

nars concealer
Radiant creamy (top) and the new soft matte complete from NARS

Both provide full coverage for under eye circles, and for me, neither of them crease under my eyes when I set with powder.

NARS Concealer Showdown: Differences

The most obvious difference, right off the back, is that the OG Creamy Radiant comes in a tube with a doe foot applicator, while newcomer Soft Matte Complete comes in a small pot.

nars concealer
Doe foot applicator or brush/finger application: you decide!

For me, my under eyes have some texture that never really look right with Creamy Radiant. Soft Matte, the one in the pot, actually looks better on my skin under the eyes. In addition, the Creamy Radiant NARS concealer doesn’t stay very long if I use it to cover acne spots. I think it may just be a little too emollient for my skin for that purpose. Weirdly (but not uncommon), even though I bought the same color in both (Light 1 Chantilly), the Creamy Radiant one is a little bit lighter.

nars concealer
Might as well use correcting fluid …
NARS Concealer Showdown: The Verdict

Hands down, I prefer NARS Soft Matte Complete (the one in the pot). To be fair, I was never a member of the Creamy Radiant Superfan Club (nor a hater, either). It was good, but needed improvements for my skin and what I use it for. Soft Matte is just thick enough that can be applied with a very tiny brush, which is my favorite way to conceal acne as it draws less attention to the spot than caking concealer over a large area.

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Jackie Aina, a huge YouTube beauty star (and a self-professed member of said Creamy Radiant Superfan Club), did a (sponsored) video recently comparing the two. So yes, I would take it with a grain of salt as it was sponsored by NARS, but Jackie said she loved Soft Matte as well.

Have you tried either of these? Which do you prefer? Or, is there another concealer you recommend instead? Comment below!

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