Hall of Shame: Suncut UV Protect Spray Water-Resistant Sunscreen


The latest member of the sunscreen hall of shame? Suncut UV Protect SPF 50+ PA ++++ spray. It’s marketed as sweat- and water-proof. Now … let me preface this by saying, just like with the Missha sunscreen, the language I used is a bit strong. This is not a bad sunscreen, it’s just not good for me. Why? Read on … 

On the surface, this sunscreen is knocking it out of the park. Full UVA and UVB coverage, conveniently located in a spray, AND it was labeled as ‘super waterproof’ … how could I NOT buy it?

Super water- and sweat- resistant! Removes easily with soap and water! What’s not to love?!

My first sunscreen application is always a cream/liquid type product (I prefer to do it, if I remember, before putting on clothes so I make sure to get under the edges of whatever clothing I’m wearing). It’s reapplication, particularly when you’re active, that things get, well, messy. Once you’ve started sweating, accumulated some sand and/or dirt on your skin, etc., reapplying sunscreen is kind of a gross ordeal. (And reapplication is totally necessary every TWO hours!)

Enter spray sunblock … a genius idea, though not so great in reality in most cases. Most sprays require you to rub them in afterwards to get an even coating. This totally negates the awesomeness of a spray application, right?

And, that’s where this one fails too. I just can’t get it evenly applied with spray application alone. BUT … if you don’t mind having to rub it in, I promise this is good sunblock. I really did find it to be waterproof even doing sweaty activities (and I’m a disgusting pig of a sweater). I didn’t burn, and it doesn’t irritate my skin or have any lingering fragrance that I could detect. I haven’t had it run into my eyes, at least not yet (I’m so sweaty and it’s so hot here that I feel like at some point, this is inevitable with every sunscreen).

So, if you’re looking for a good sports sunscreen that you can spray on and go … this is not your girl. BUT if you can spend a few seconds smearing it around after spraying it on … this is a solid choice. Suncut sunscreen is available at Family Mart, and pretty much any other store in Japan that sells sunscreen (they also sell the typical lightweight lotion sunscreen formulas, too). Here is the website (in English!) detailing the different products in this line (including this one).

This summer, reach for Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50+. Now at NORDSTROM.

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