Stitch Fix Part 3: My Summer Fix

Stitch Fix

I just got my third Stitch Fix in the mail today, just in time for summer! I actually postponed the fix a month from the original interval I set; I figured I had enough spring/transition items and wanted a true summer fix. Like I mentioned before, I really hate shopping (and shopping for giantesses is pretty slim pickings in Japan) so this Stitch Fix box was a really terrific surprise (especially hot on the heels of my birthday — happy birthday to me!). So … how was my hot summer fix? Did I keep all the things? Keep reading to find out!

So, if you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s a subscription box for clothing, accessories, and shoes. Except, you have a lot of control over these boxes. You input sizes, style likes/dislikes, and even link to a pinterest board if you like so your stylist can really get a feel for your body type and what you/re looking for. In my experience, my Stitch Fix stylist won’t send things she doesn’t think will fit correctly. For example, I asked in the last couple boxes for a romper that will fit my ridiculously long torso (this is a unicorn item, and possibly doesn’t exist).

stitch fix
The limit does not exist!

My stylist did not send a romper. While I would love to have one, I much prefer not getting something that has no chance of fitting.

Stitch Fix: What I Got

This fix, my stylist sent the following items:

  • Daniel Rainn Bettola Split Neck Blouse, $64
  • 4Hawthorn Mita Lattice Trim Blouse, $48
  • Papermoon Azaria Lace Back Knit Top, $40
  • Dear John Sydney Distressed Fray Hem Short, $58
  • Zad Martin Mini Layered Metal Cuff, $28

Everything was on-trend and on-point as far as colors/styles of clothing that I like. The one accessory coordinated nicely with the whole lot. For a point of reference, I am 5’8″-5’9″ and wear a 6 at Express, Old Navy and Athleta. I typically order a medium in S-M-L sizing. These items came in medium (tops) and a 28 (denim shorts).

So, what did I think of each?

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Stitch Fix: Daniel Rainn Bettola Split Neck Blouse
Stitch Fix
All da booty coverage

Um, yassssss. When I sneaked a peek on the app at what was enroute, I was pretty certain this was going to be staying with me forever. I’m ginger and blue-eyed, and these colors are dead nuts built for me (not that they won’t be bomb on somebody else as well). This was the most ‘spensive bit in my fix, and … #worthit. I love love love this shirt and for sure it was a keep.

Stitch Fix: 4Hawthorne Mita Lattice Trim Blouse
Stitch Fix
The color pops even more in real life! Totes not an 80s teal.

On my sneaky peeky into the Stitch Fix app on my fix, I was pretty sure I was going to keep this as well. Like almost everybody who thinks they know shit about color theory and likes to tell their thoughts on this to me, this color was probably going to be flattering. The cutaway shoulders were going to make my giant paddler shoulders look rad, and the loose torso would likely be kind to my midsection issues.

But … it was the last bit that kept me from keeping this top. It was, dare I say, too loose in the tummy. Even with a front tuck, it was still too loose for me. I’m self-conscious about my mummy-tummy, but I also don’t want a top that looks like a recycled maternity top … which is a fine line depending on your taste and body type. This top would be adorable on so many women, but just wasn’t quite right for me. I sent it back.

Stitch Fix: Papermoon Azaria Lace Back Knit Top
Stitch Fix
Hmmmmm … see what I mean?

This part of my Stitch Fix I was nervous about. I don’t like fussy things … too many ruffles, too much lace makes me blanche a bit. This top has gathering, lace … but, as my stylist said, it also has STRIPES. Do I love stripes? Yes. Yes, I love stripes. I pulled the top out and was worried it was going to, besides be overly fussy in the back, make me look fat in the front.

So … it surprised me. It was actually very flattering (IMO) in the front. Just enough shape implied that it added curves that weren’t there, while de-emphasizing curves that I wish weren’t, if you catch my drift.

It was the back that I, as I originally thought, couldn’t quite get on board with. Too much everything, and the straw that broke the camel’s back, I don’t love a top that deliberately shows my whole bra. Yes, I know I could wear a cami but … I live on the second surface of the sun and, frankly, that’s not happening. So this was a return.

Stitch Fix: Dear John Sydney Distressed Fray Hem Short

This was a tough call. I have a pair of Dear John shorts already, from a previous Stitch Fix. Things I love about this brand: mostly, there’s enough spandex in the blend that you NEVER get saggy ass. If you buy denim shorts from American Eagle, Old Navy, and the Gap … you know what I’m talking about. Both pairs have also had a long enough inseam to minimize my thick thigh situation and remove any chafing issues.

My only beef is that, for my particular ass shape, these are merely good (not great). For my booty, these are not life changing. They enlarge my shape of butt (which is actually quite popular now in Western culture, but I’m kind of old so I don’t love it).

I actually like these a bit more than the first pair that I kept from this brand, but I couldn’t justify two pairs of denim shorts with the same not-stellar booty in the same season. I returned these.

Stitch Fix: Zad Martin Mini Layered Metal Cuff
Stitch Fix
The tone of this gold is really on trend and pops with the colors sent in this fix.

This cuff coordinated beautifully with everything in this Stitch Fix, as well as everything in my previous fixes. It’s on trend,  in both color (gold) and the hammered yet delicate cuff style. BUT … I didn’t keep this either. It’s not the cuff’s fault. I have child sized wrists. Despite my giantess body size, my wrists are tiny and my hands are only medium sized. This cuff fell off just trying it on. It’s not the cuff’s fault; 90% of bracelets do the same. For most people, I think this would be a win.

Stitch Fix: The verdict

I had high hopes for my summer fix but ended up keeping only one item. So, I didn’t get my 20% discount since I didn’t keep everything, but I’m in absolute love with the item I kept and … I didn’t have to do one second of shopping to have it be delivered to my house. I am looking forward to my next fix and hoping, over time, this service will take my picky yet lazy, shopping-loathing self from complete slob to … well, let’s not reach too far … relatively-put-together-woman.

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, please consider using my referral code.

It doesn’t cost you anything to use, but they will give me a credit if you sign up through it. And no, they definitely didn’t pay me in any way/shape/form to publish this.

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