Hall of Shame: Missha All Around Safe Block Sebum Zero Sun SPF 50+

missha sunscreen

Let me preface this: this is a product that gets a lot of love amongst K-beauty lovers. So, your mileage may vary. That being said, this is a hall of shame post and this Missha sunscreen has made my list. Why so harsh? Read on …

This isn’t my first Missha sunblock. My first I ordered from the misshaus website (they are terrific by the way; fast service, even to APO/FPO addresses, and they have somewhat frequent sales with big price downs site-wide). Missha’s waterproof sun milk was my first Missha sunscreen, and it was a disappointment. Why? Because it wasn’t waterproof. Again, to be fair, I am a sweaty betty and also live in a very hot climate. Still, I expect a product billed as ‘waterproof’ to not melt and run into my eyes and sting like crazy while I run. It’s a big market, sunscreen, and I like to think I can expect product labeling to be correct.

I probably wouldn’t have picked up another Missha sunscreen after my first experience, but a full size Missha All Around Safe Block Sebum Zero Sun SPF50+ came in my Klog box. Being super pasty, I’m not one to be sad about sunscreen being delivered to my house.

missha sunscreen
The packaging is super cute though, right?
Missha Sunscreen: Results

So … why is this Missha sunscreen in the hall of shame? Well … look:

missha sunscreen
It’s worse in real life, people. Imagine if I had an actual even layer of melanin in my skin.

Yeahhhhhh. I mean, there are people fairer than me. Approximately three of them. This white cast is ridiculous. Like, seriously, this is dumb. Imagine this on, you know, pretty much anybody else on the planet.

Yes, tone correction (making skin look paler) is a thing in Asia. I get that. But, it’s not really a thing for me (I mean, glow in the dark isn’t super in fashion right now).

This summer, reach for Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50+. Now at NORDSTROM.

And I’m nitpicking, but the PA+ level is only PA+++ (remember this scale references the amount of UVA, or aging, rays that hit your face). My beloved Biore sunscreen has the full four plusses (and applies completely clear).

missha sunscreen
Remember, 1/4 teaspoon is required for your face to get the full spf/pa+ protection level the bottle promises.

Upsides: YES, there are some. This Missha sunscreen really does help with oil production. It dries down quickly and doesn’t feel greasy, and seem to help curb oil production through the day. That’s a win. If you don’t mind the insane white cast and want a product to help with sebum production, this Missha sunscreen may be just right for you.

It just isn’t for me. And now I need to find ways to use it up … bronzer, anyone?

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