Mini Review: K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lip Oil

k-palette lip oil

I was perusing the beauty section of a local Aeon department store recently with some out-of-town family visiting when I saw a pop-up display for a product I hadn’t seen before: a K-palette lip tint, called 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Lip Tint, which is from a brand that happens to make the best eyeliner pen ever. (Side note, if you like winged liner even a little, and want all-day wear with no smudging, that’s something you need to buy like yesterday).

K-palette lip tint comes in a handful of colors and has the same long-lasting promises on the package that the ridiculously good eyeliner pen does, so my mom and I both picked one up (I believe the price point was similar to the eyeliner, a little over 1000 yen).

Did we try it on in the car? Of course we did. Who doesn’t?

K-palette lip tint: application

We both bought the same color, xx, which is a true red and the most vibrant of all of the swatches on the display. On application, it applies pretty sheer and very natural looking. Very pretty. It has a nice shine, more shine than lip balm but not an in-your-face patent finish. It’s easy to achieve a K-beauty style gradient or ombre look as well, if that’s your thing.

k-palette lip oil
So noble, this lip tint.

Surprise surprise, as I did not read the package very closely (largely because I have the Japanese language reading level of a four-year-old), the consistency of k-palette lip tint was lip oil-like. Sure enough, looking closer at a package, even my remedial self could read that indeed, it is marketed as an lip oil.

Except … it is more comfortable. My only experiences with lip oils (from super flash brands like YSL and Lancome) are that I love the sheer tint, shine, and how they feel when I first apply them; but that weirdly them always seem a bit dehydrating. Counterintuitive, right, for an oil? They also don’t, in my experience, leave behind any lasting pigment.

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K-palette lip tint: results

K-palette lip tint is super comfortable to wear. It feels like a mix between a lip oil and a balm, so definitely more hydrating. The tint lasts after the shine wears away too.

Aaaaand now the elephant in the room that needs addressing. Maybe my Japanese is too remedial (ok, yes, yes it is) but … a long lasting product, this is not. It lasted better on my mom, but for me the shine for sure and even the tint were long gone after 2-3 hours. To be fair, I’m a fat kid and I am constantly eating and drinking.

This product is superior (to me) to other lip oils; way more hydrating, more comfortable, longer lasting color and shine, and less expensive than any but the one from e.l.f. (which I have not tried). I personally like the natural look it gives. BUT seriously, the long-lasting claim is ridiculous. An entire day? Le no.

k-palette lip oil
So many colors to choose from … or four. Four colors to choose from.

So long story short … would I recommend this? Yes. Would I re-purchase? Most likely. I would like to pick up another color or two as well. It’s a perfect finish for summer. Was I disappointed in the wear claims? For sure.

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