Sephora Spring VIB Sale: Shopping List

spring vib sale

Sephora has a store-wide sale exactly two times a year; once a bit after Black Friday, and once … SOON! (They haven’t released the dates yet, but rumor is Rouge sale starts the 18th and other tiers will follow). They roll out the sale in a hierarchy fashion, offering the sale prices first to their high rollers in their loyalty program, and then to their mid-tier, and finally to everyone. Given the higher prices of everything they sell, these two sale periods are excellent times to pick up staples you know you will be repurchasing, and can be a good opportunity to try out a higher-priced item you otherwise may not have budgeted for. If you’re a junkie like me, you likely have been writing and re-working your wish list for the sale almost since the end of the last sale. So here it is, my personal spring VIB sale shopping list (which is still … a work in progress. I CAN’T DECIDE!).

**note: if you have an overseas or APO/FPO address, don’t wait for your promo code to come in the mail. It will arrive approximately two days after the promotion ends, and Sephora will care zero about your plight. Be smart, sign up for their emails so you don’t miss out because your mail is slow AF.**

The Spring VIB Sale FO’ SHO’ Shopping List

First off, my for sures, won’t check out without them stuff. This category is typically reserved for things that I will always re-buy, like my eye cream and whatnot. This year I think I have enough eye cream to get through to the next sale so I won’t need to pick up one of those. Instead, I’ll be picking up this crap.

sephora vib sale
I’ve been dying to try this in-shower mask for months!

Blithe Soothing & Healing Green Tea Splash Mask, 7 oz for $45. I really have been waiting to purchase this for months to take advantage of the spring VIB sale prices. This is something you splash on in the shower and it works while you shower (so instead of drying out your skin taking a crazy hot shower, you are making skincare gains). I love green tea and I really love the idea of this, particularly after early morning dragon boat practices.

sephora vib sale
A liquid lip (long lasting, transfer-proof color) and lipgloss set


Bare Minerals Meet Gen Nude Set, two mini sized products for $15. I always like to put in a little treat for myself into my bi-yearly sale purchases. Usually they are just staple purchases, but this little kit of super wearable looking lip products (one liquid lipstick, a transfer-proof, matte lip product, and one gloss) will hopefully be a really useful and fun set of lippies I can use on the daily.

sephora vib sale
This is actually for my kids. See, I’m not completely selfish!

Tangle Teezer, $15. This one isn’t actually for me. I have three kids and two of them have very fine hair that tangles if you look at it funny (and sometimes if you look at it very nice, too). It gets great reviews on Amazon and whatnot so we’ll be giving it a whack here soon.

This summer, reach for Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50+. Now at NORDSTROM.
The Spring VIB Sale Thinking Real Hard About It Shopping List

After the hard yes group comes the ‘really want but I don’t know if I need it’ group in my spring VIB sale shopping list.

spring vib sale
Customizable face self tanner drops!

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster, .5 oz for $32. This is my most-likely purchase from this section of the list. What it is: concentrated self tanner drops for your face. You mix in a couple drops into your moisturizer or sunscreen or whatever and it gives you a natural-looking light (faux) suntan. I’m gun-shy on a lot of self-tanners because they can quickly skew towards Donald Trump/Cheeto orange, but this one comes very highly recommended and … let’s be real, self tanners are the only way I’ll ever tan.

spring vib sale

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, 1.7 oz for $44. This is my holy grail, ride or die, will never be without it, foundation. It’s a cult classic for a reason … undetectable coverage that makes you look perfect … how can you go wrong? I’m leaning towards waiting until the November VIB sale instead of the spring VIB sale on this though; I have a good bit left in my bottle and several other foundation products I need to work through before my drawer explodes.

spring vib sale
I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly

J.One Jelly Cream, 1 oz for $42. I actually am in need of a new last-step moisturizer, I like the ingredient list and reviews on this, I like the price, and I’ve been wanting to try some products from this Korean brand. Seems like a slam dunk … except we’re headed into summer and for daytime I typically use just sunscreen over all the other layers. I hate to buy it and have it just sit so … I may wait to pull the trigger on this one as well.

spring vib sale
It’s so pretty

NARS Sunwash Diffusing Bronzer in Seaside, $40. It’s light diffusing (blurring)! It’s new! The color is called Seaside! Actually, I would prefer to try this in person before buying this bronzer; I’m so pasty that bronzer gets muddy on me real fast. I don’t want to look dirty, just awesome (and light diffused). Sephora has an amazing return policy, but that’s still a major pain in my ass so … hmmm.


Sephora VIB Spring Sale Hmmmmmmm I Wish Money Grew On Trees Shopping List

Like most everyone, I have a budget and so … these spring VIB sale items are in the probably not, but still haven’t completely given up on the thought of them category.

spring vib sale
The C word?
spring vib sale
The first one’s free (ish)

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum, 1 oz for $80 (ouch), and Rise & Glow set, introductory set of .27 oz of C-Firma and .27 oz B-Hydra for $23. Drunk Elephant is the darling of the skincare aficionado set right now, they literally can do no wrong. I haven’t tried the brand (those prices are just, wow) but of course I have major FOMO and am sure that I need to. Vitamin C is supposed to be a super antioxidant, brightening your skin and also assisting your sunblock during the day to protect your face even further. This particular one contains a very effective variety of vitamin C in an airtight package (it’s unstable and oxidizes) … BUT. I haven’t experienced any noticeable improvements in my skin using other highly-rated vitamin C serums, and I’ve heard the same from a few people about this one as well. ANNND it’s $80. So … I’m definitely hanging from the ‘no’ side of the fence right now, but … sale. Hmmm.

spring vib sale
Hair. In the sun.

Sachajuan Hair In The Sun, 4 oz for $32. This is a leave-in hair product that has a UV filter that lasts through rinsing even. This was in my cart the last two sale cycles, but I’ve chickened out and not pulled the trigger both times. Poor Sachajuan. I’ve never tried anything from this brand and it’s a little pricy, but it would be super nice for summer sports and beach season.

spring vib sale
So pretty … so pensive

Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask with Echinacea GreenEnvy, 4.1 oz for $56. I’ve been wanting to try this wash-off mask for quite a while now. I haven’t tried anything from k-beauty brand Farmacy, actually, despite them being very highly rated. I’ll probably end up buying the I’m From Honey mask instead, which is competing product from Korea.

Well, that’s what I’ve been looking at for my spring vib sale picks. I definitely can’t afford to buy it all, even with the discount applied! Did I miss anything amazing? What are you looking at for the Sephora vib spring sale?


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17 thoughts on “Sephora Spring VIB Sale: Shopping List”

  1. Shoot. Our lists couldn’t be more different which means mine just got a lot longer. I’m a mascara junkie so that takes up a lot of real estate on mine!

  2. That mask looks interesting!! I’ve been wanting to try the tangle teaser but I’ve been loving my wet brush. I have hair that tangles super easily too! Haha. That Drunk Elephant vitamin c serum has been on my wishlist but it’s just so expensive!! I know I definitely need more Shisedo facial cotton but I’m not sure I’m buying much else. I might pick up a NARS lipstick I’ve been eyeing!

    1. It’s hard to say no to NARS lipstick! I haven’t tried the wet brush, either; I’ll have to try it if the tangle teezer doesn’t work out.

  3. I love the Bare Minerals lip set! I have a gloss from them and it lasts so long! I’ve been looking for a new tinted moisturizer so I definitely want to try the Laura Mercier now. Sephora sales are always dangerous for my bank account!!

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